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pay as you go


You only pay when people are ill. If you want, you can choose to build up a personal reserve just in case, but this is optional.

social network

You have total control of who you link with. If you don’t want to be someone’s friend anymore, you can stop the link whenever you want; even before making a payment if you think it is not legitimate.




Your close friends pay 60% of the help request and their friends the remaining 40%. The financial impact is thus spread throughout the network (but only up to friends’ friends), yet respecting that the closer you are to someone, the bigger the amount you are

responsible for.



of action

You have total control of all payments. Unless you set it up otherwise, each help request will require your approval. The same goes for friends trying to link with you. You're only friends with those you choose.


of action


To ensure fairness, freedom of action comes with transparency of action. Users' history, profile changes and such info will be available to their friends by visually friendly graphs and notifications.


variety of


You can link with friends of different estimated commitment levels. The more money you estimate to commit to your network, the more friends you can have to help you.



There are no shared pools of money. We-Guild is based on the principle of transparent and responsible individual actions so every user has an individual account.


capping payments


You can cap your payments

lower than usual (your profile comes with a pre-set cap) in case you are not having a great month. This way you don’t have to unfriend someone if you don’t have enough to help them.


clear & visual stats

​All statistics about you or your friends will be displayed in visually-friendly graphs so you can understand the information as effortlessly as possible and make decisions accordingly.


no documents


There is no need to show any documents as proof of earnings or anything of that sort. It’s up to you how much you estimate to commit to your network.


We-Guild attempts to act and be as an organisation as it wished everyone else did. As such, it embraces the principles of Open Co-operativism and will facilitate structures whereby everyone involved (including users) will have a say in all affairs of its running.  

ethos & praxis

culture shift


Users will get occasional snippets of information about other cultures' approach to debt, mutual aid and such concepts. We-Guild's use of language and visuals will also aim to provide an alternative look on our relationship to money, debt and mutual aid.