chip in for each other

We-Guild is a reputation and trust based network of mutual support where everyone you trust chips in when you need it in exchange of you chipping in for them when they need it. We-Guild is a way to absorb financial blows through the power of community.

Watch the video if you haven't already and check the rest of the info on this site. And remember that...

It's a project in the making and it needs your support to secure investment!

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So if you want to help make it happen do all that social media stuff (liking, following and especially sharing it!) and join the mailing list to participate in things. Or if you can think of other ways to support us we'd love to hear from you.

Let's make We-Guild happen!

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How it works

1) Connect with people

that you know and trust

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4) If you're ill you can ask for help 

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FAQ for more info on linking

2) Accept or reject help requests from them

3) See how your network evolves with your Living Ledger

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FAQ for more info on asking for help

5) Your friends help you

6) And you say thanks!

check the FAQ for more detailed info!

The Living Ledger

Quickly and intuitively assess your help exchanges. Click users for details. 


Green: they've helped you more than you've helped them.

Turquoise: you've helped each other more or less equally.

Blue: you've helped them more than they've helped you.

And ball size denotes total exchanged.

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"Unless men are maddened in the battlefield, they 'cannot stand it' to hear appeals for help, and not to respond to them. The hero goes; and what the hero does, all feel that they ought to have done as well.

Because the mutual-aid feeling has been nurtured by thousands of years of human social life and hundreds of thousands of years of pre-human life in societies."

Peter Kropotkin 'Mutual Aid', 1902

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That's all for now. Remember to like, follow and share to help                             happen!

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calculation sheet

We have made an interactive spreadsheet for you to see how We-Guild's calculations would work for the example network in the picture below.

Download the spreadsheet and play around with different help requests from Doug, Michael and Marie (and everybody's caps) so you can see the calculation magic happens!

Click on Doug,

Michael or Marie