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Zahida Palma

I teach and study bellydance and body awareness and have a background in biology and music. I spend my days dancing around students, developing and implementing marketing strategies, improving people's postures, editing videos, watching insects and plants closely, creating content, discovering new tunes to choreograph to and positioning my website in google.


I have collaborated with renowned organizations working with refugees, domestic violence and sexual abuse survivors. As such, I know about the importance of a social and mutual support network and this is why I believe in the power of We-Guild.


I'm also the soul and force behind Dancepandemic, a place to spread the joy of bellydance.

My name is Zahida Palma and I hate writing about myself in third person.

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the team

Marie Faucher

Marie has been working in theatre and in the outdoors arts for the last 8 years, more specifically lately for Greenwich & Docklands International Festival. She holds a MA in Public & Arts Administration from both a Canadian university (Sherbrooke) and a French one (Marseille).


She is eager to make the world a fairer and kinder place, where community living and solidarity are in the heart of society.

The journey is long, but We-Guild is definitely a big step towards it!


As some other We-Guild co-founders, she is an active member of Sanford Housing Co-op, dealing with some aspects of the financial challenges and supporting members

in need with their rent payments.

David Williams

Guillermo Justel

Guillermo is a self-employed yoga and handbalance teacher passionate about co-operatives and systems theory.

He holds a First Class Honours BA from UCL SSEES and has been a board member of CDS Co-operatives. He's been the treasurer at Sanford Housing Co-operative between 2016-2019, with his main drive there being making financial information as transparent and intelligible (and fun) as possible.

He is now Deputy Treasurer of CASH and very busy trying to make We-Guild a reality.




David is an artist and hacker with a keen interest in open-source and tech-transparency. When not fiddling with electronics and other audio-visual projects, he continues to explore web technologies and the de-centralisation possibilities of these.


David graduated in 2019 with a Masters degree in Computational Arts from Goldsmiths University, having previously studied Fine Art at Cardiff Metropolitan University in Wales.


He continues to be an active member of Sanford Housing Co-operative in London and is a strong believer in co-ops as a robust and fair solution to work and living.