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the team

Michael Collins

Guillermo Justel Orellana

Guillermo is a self-employed yoga and handbalance teacher passionate about co-operatives and systems theory.

He holds a First Class Honours BA from UCL SSEES and has been a board member of CDS Co-operatives. He's been the treasurer at Sanford Housing Co-operative between 2016-2019, with his main drive there being making financial information as transparent and intelligible (and fun) as possible.

He is now part of CASH and very busy trying to make We-Guild a reality.

Michael is a senior consultant in the construction industry specialising in cost verification and contractual compliance.

He has worked across major infrastructure projects in the UK, including Crossrail and various design and build projects for Network Rail.

Michael is in love with spreadsheets (even more than Guillermo) and is eager to apply his knowledge to We-Guild.