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the team

Guillermo Justel Orellana

Guillermo is a self-employed yoga and handbalance teacher passionate about co-operatives and systems theory.

He holds a First Class Honours BA from UCL SSEES and has been a board member of CDS Co-operatives. He's been the treasurer at Sanford Housing Co-operative between 2016-2019, with his main drive there being making financial information as transparent and intelligible (and fun) as possible.

He is now part of CASH and very busy trying to make We-Guild a reality.

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David Williams

David is an artist and hacker with a keen interest in open-source and tech-transparency.


When not fiddling with electronics and other audio-visual projects, he continues to explore web technologies and the de-centralisation possibilities of these.


David graduated in 2019 with a Masters degree in Computational Arts from Goldsmiths University, having previously studied Fine Art at Cardiff Metropolitan University in Wales.

He continues to be an active member of Sanford Housing Co-operative in London and is a strong believer in co-ops as a robust and fair solution to work and living.

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