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Thanks for deciding to take the survey. The information you provide here is extremely valuable for We-Guild to move forward!

Feel free to write as extensively or briefly as you’d like.


City, country

1) Tell us about the pros and cons of being self-employed for you

2) Do you remember when you were last ill/injured? How long did it last? Did anybody help you? In what way? Did you receive any money? Did you ask for help?

3) Do you know other self-employed people? Do they know each other? How much of a community you think you form?

4) Do you remember when a self-employed friend of yours last was ill/injured? How long did it last? Did anybody help them? In what way? Did they receive any money? Did they ask for help?

5) Have you ever done crowdsourcing?

6) What is your understanding of We-Guild?

7) Would you join? What do you think would be the pros and cons about it?


(In case we don't have it already. And we'll only send you stuff about surveys and pilots.)

That's it! Remember you can stay updated about our progress through our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Thanks so much from We-Guild!